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Why to register as Astana Hub's Participant?

Tax exemption:

Tax-friendly environment till 2029
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Access to investors, specialists and support initiatives (PR, events, etc.)

How to become Astana Hub's Participant?


Online application

Create a personal account on the Astana Hub platform. Submit online application and attach required documents


Preliminary review

Review in terms of completeness and compliance with formal requirements within 5 business days. In case of any inconsistencies, application will be returned for corrections


Review by the Commission

Commission decision (positive or negative) will be sent via e-mail within 10 business days



Certificate will be issued to applicant confirming registration of company as Astana Hub Participant


Signing a contract

In case of positive decision, Agreement should be signed by electronic signature. Agreement specifies terms of participation in Astana Hub



Registered companies will be included in the List of registered participants of the Technopark

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is a member of Astana Hub?

    Astana Hub Participant - a legal entity - resident or non-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which generates income from the implementation of priority activities and is registered as a participant of Astana Hub, has received a corresponding certificate, has the right to use the services of Astana Hub, the right to receive tax benefits, simplified visa regime and other benefits stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Companies with what areas of activity can become participants of Astana Hub?

    Astana Hub’s Participants can be companies that implement activities within the List of Priority Activities approved by the Order of the acting Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 11, 2019 No. 37 / NҚ.

  • What are the requirements for Astana Hub participants upon registration?

    Legal entity:

    - not related to organizations that implement (have implemented) an investment priority project in accordance with Article 284 of the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 29, 2015, as well as an investment strategic project under investment contracts concluded before January 1, 2015;

    - 50 or more percent of shares (stakes in the authorized capital) of which do not directly or indirectly belong to the state, national managing holdings, national holdings and national companies or their subsidiaries;

    - not being a subsoil user and a member of a special economic zone;

    - is not a payer of excisable goods in accordance with Article 461 of the Tax Code;

    - earning income from the implementation of activities corresponding to one or several types of activities specified in the List of priority activities approved by the Order of the acting Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 11, 2019 No. 37 / NҚ;

    - which at the time of filing an application for registration does not have branches.

  • Can a company located outside Astana become a member of Astana Hub?

    Registration as Astana Hub participants is carried out on the basis of the principle of extraterritoriality, which is valid until January 1, 2024. A participant does not need to be in Nur-Sultan city to become Hub’s participant.

  • Is it necessary to have an official registration of an office in Astana?

    No, not necessarily. According to the principle of extraterritoriality, you have the opportunity to become a member of Astana Hub while being in any city of Kazakhstan. It is not necessary to be located in Astana or on the territory of Astana Hub.

  • What documents do I need to submit to Astana Hub to register as a Participant?

    The list of documents, required for registration as a member of Astana Hub is presented in the «Documents» section.

  • Can I submit documents in English?

    Yes. The application and the documents applied to it are formed and attached at the choice of the applicant in Kazakh or Russian, or in English. When documents are submitted in English, Astana Hub provides their translation into Kazakh or Russian.

  • Is there a project business plan template?

    No. A business plan is drawn up in any form in any format (ppt, doc, pdf, etc.). Nevertheless, there are requirements for the content of the business plan, in particular, it must contain:

    1. Project name and description;

    2. Location of the project;

    3. Basis for project ownership (own development, license);

    4. Information about the developer / author of the project;

    5. The purpose and objectives of the project;

    6. Project readiness stage;

    7. Key performance indicators (KPI) of the project;

    8. Technical description of the project (architecture, structure, applied solutions);

    9. Estimate of the planned costs for the implementation of the project;

    10. Method of sales and expected revenue (income);

    11. Clients/potential clients;

    12. Action plan necessary for the implementation of the project (description of specific activities (steps) necessary for the implementation and development of the project);

    13. Types of goods, works, services, property rights offered within the framework of the project and the annual volume of expected sales;

    14. Justification of the need to implement the project (social significance and the effect of successful implementation);

    15. Information about patent licensing protection, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property (if any).

  • Where can I get documents to fill in the information on the number of non-residents and residents planned to attract for the implementation of the project?

    The document can be downloaded during the online registration in Step 2.

  • If the company was created recently, is it necessary to provide information on the absence (presence) of debts, which are recorded in the tax authorities?


  • How to apply to participate in the Astana Hub?

    It is necessary to create a personal account on the Astana Hub portal and submit an electronic application with the necessary documents attached.

  • What is the procedure for registering companies as a member of Astana Hub?

    - Submission of electronic applications with mandatory attachment of necessary documentation on the portal Astana Hub.

    - Preliminary review of Astana Hub applicants.

    - Consideration of applications by the commission.

    - Notification of the commission's decision on the results of applications consideration.

    - Conclusion of the agreement on terms of participation in Astana Hub.

    - Issuance of a certificate confirming the registration of the company as a participant of Astana Hub.

    - Inclusion in the List of registered participants of Astana Hub.

  • Is there a fee to register as a Astana Hub member?

    No. Free registration.

  • After submitting an electronic application, do the original documents for registrations need to be submitted to the Astana Hub Office?

    No. The original documents are not provided to the Astana Hub office. Applicants submit an electronic application with the attachment of the necessary documents on the Astana Hub portal at the link:

  • How can I check the status of an application after it has been submitted?

    All messages and notifications regarding the application are sent through the Astana Hub portal to the applicant's personal account. You need to track messages in your personal account.

  • How long does it take to process an application

    Application consideration period: 15 working days.
    - checking for completeness of information by the Technopark employees (5 days);
    - consideration and decision on registration by the Commission for the participants selection (10 days).

  • Is it possible to sign an agreement with Astana Hub using EDS?


  • At what point does a company become a member of the Astana Hub?

    The company becomes a member of Astana Hub from the date indicated in the certificate issued by Astana Hub.

  • What is the main purpose of monitoring the activities of Tech Park participants and how is it performed?

    Monitoring is a range of measures to verify the activities of the Participants of the Astana Hub International Tech Park of IT Startups in accordance with the concluded agreement on the conditions of their activities. Tracking is performed by the Monitoring Service both on a scheduled and unscheduled basis. Scheduled monitoring is performed on the basis of the list of Tech Park participants, and unscheduled monitoring is performed in case of receiving a letter on the extension or termination of the participant's activity.

  • What is the basis for making a conclusion about the inappropriateness of further participation in the programs of the Tech Park?

    Violation of the terms of the Agreement on the conditions of activity of the participant of the Astana Hub International Tech Park, in particular, the extraction of income from activities which go beyond the scope of the activities provided for by the List of priority activities in the field of information and communication technologies.

  • What happens if a participant of the Tech Park receives comments and the need to adjust the business plan or activities within the framework of participation in the Tech Park?

    If there are comments and the need to adjust the business plan, or the activities carried out as part of participation in the Tech Park based on the results of monitoring, the Tech Park participant is notified by an official letter indicating the need to eliminate the identified comments within 30 (thirty) calendar days.

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